Survey Services

Subdivisions (rural, residential and commercial)

We provide a range of surveying services. We work on all types of subdivisions – rural, residential and commercial. These can also include Boundary Adjustments and Boundary Relocations. We can cover the entire project from the start by obtaining the Resource Consent through to completing the survey. We can manage any contractors involved in roading or installing the new services and oversee the project through to the final Completion stage of obtaining the new titles from Land Information New Zealand.
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Resource Consents

We can prepare Resource Consents for a number of activities including Subdivisions, Boundary Adjustments, Boundary Relocations and various Land Use Activities. We are happy to discuss any proposal and work within our customers’ requirements and constraints. We have a good relationship with the various Councils and can discuss any queries or proposals with Council prior to getting too far down the track to ascertain feasibility of any project.
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Boundary Lines/Property Definitions

For the individual property owners we carry out boundary definition surveys which define where the boundaries of the property lie. These can be marked on the ground permanently. These surveys are useful for property owners wanting to put up a new fence to know exactly where the boundaries are or for people renovating, doing building additions or putting a garage on a property or in situations where extensive landscaping is carried out. We can work directly with the property owner, or their architect, builder or landscape designer.
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Building Setouts and Development Surveys

We complete surveys for a number of architects, construction firms and builders to setout buildings & houses and also to define where the property boundaries are (boundary redefinition) and to complete height in relation to boundary surveys.

Topographical Surveys

These surveys are useful prior to beginning new building projects, building alterations or extensive changes to a property. The property is fully surveyed to establish the location of any existing buildings, any features on the property, the existing services and the ground contours. This information is then used by the architect or builder in designing something to suit the property.

Engineering Surveys

Construction and contracting firms use our services to carry out topographical surveys for excavation purposes to determine the extent of excavation works required or to setout any civil construction work.


We can survey the line of any services for the purposes of easements. If necessary, we can arrange for the underground services to be located. This can be useful for any services that run through more than one property.

Right of Ways

We can obtain consents for new Right of Ways or define the area and boundaries of an existing Right of Way.

Height in Relation to Boundary Surveys

In certain situations, Council may request a height in relation to boundary survey. This is usually where a building is close to a boundary. The height in relation to boundary requirements are specified in the District Plan and are used to determine the extent of shading that a building has on a neighbouring property.

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